Cloud-Native Elevated Access Management

Least Privilege by Design

Apono provides continuous visibility to cloud access, uncovers over-privileges, and suggests on-demand access flows to remove standing privileges.

Elevated Access for Developers – Apono Access Automation

Least Privilege by Design

Permissions are an organization’s final line of defense. Adequate Management is essential in protecting the organization when a compromised user account unveils. Apono ensures users receive only the granular-level permissions they need, when they need them, to reduce standing privileges and minimize the attack surface.

Bring a Frictionless Experience to The Organization

Integrates with your Stack

Integrates with your existing stack, so you don’t need to make any changes when you start using Apono.

Intuitive Access Request Channels

Utilize ChatOps with automated approval workflows.

CLI Access

Choose to use the Apono CLI or any other client application that you prefer.