Measuring & Improving DORA Metrics and More

Dora Matrix Webinar – Apono Docs

DORA metrics are a new way to measure development operations, understand bottlenecks and create achievable optimization goals.

Are you unsure how to improve DORA metrics in your organization?
What is the practical value of DORA and which tools can help you improve them?

Join us on November 23rd at 11:00 EST / 18:00IL together with our partners and learn how to measure and improve DORA metrics.

  • Bat-Hen Yoseftov – Head of DevOps at CodeFresh – Improve deployment frequency
  • Rom Carmel – CEO & Co-Founder at Apono – Access Management – Reduce time to changes & MTTR
  • Yishai Beeri – CTO & Co-Founder at LinearB – Dev Workflow Automation – Reduce time to changes

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