Dynamic, Contextual Access Flows—Where Security Meets Scale

Apono simplifies access management at any scale, utilizing contextual, automated access flows that grant “Just-in-Time” permissions to cloud resources and data repositories.

Ephemeral On-Demand Access

Assure access is tailored to the task at hand with granular, ephemeral access.

  • Tailored production engineer access – Right-size permissions to sensitive resources.
  • Human-error prevention with granular-level permissions – Prevent wrong rights (read/write) that can cause disruption to production or data corruption.
  • Incident response access flows – On-demand access to remediate production errors.
  • Self-service access requests – Frictionless context-aware permission granting.
chatops Approval Workflow – Slack – Apono Access Automation
Break Glass - Automatically Approved Access Flows

Third Party (Vendor) Access

Safely provision granular “Just-in-Time” access to third parties, creating environment-level policies that prevent the creation of unrestricted access to contractors, assuring there are no standing privileges from outside your organization.

  • Third-Party Access Flows – Streamline access by pre-configuring access flows for any occasion.

Managing Permissions at Scale

Apono keeps track of the identity syncing with your identity provider managing permissions across numerous applications and cloud assets leveraging our contextual-based access flow technology to turn manual access granting into a scalable, automated practice.

  • No need to manually provision roles in resources or change the permissions every time a developer needs new access privileges in any of the cloud resources, applications or data repositories.
  • Scale operations the right way by creating environment-level policies that govern the creation of “carte blanche” policies that risk standing with clients and regulators.
Managing permissions at scale – Apono Access Automation

Continuously Compliant Access Review Automation

Permissions are your last line of defense. Apono assures standing privileges
are never a risk to your organization.