Staying Secure.
Empowering DevOps.
Zero Friction.

At Apono, we strive to help companies become secure and compliant while maintaining their productivity and agility.

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Our Story

Organizations are required to move faster than ever to bring immediate value to their customers. To do so, they need to grant access to privileged assets and sensitive data repositories, while keeping them secure and adhering to compliance regulations. Legacy privileged access management solutions do not stand at the pace of value delivery that is required of businesses today and were not designed to secure cloud assets. With that in mind we founded Apono!

Founding Team

“We come with the message that business productivity should not come at the cost of security, nor should security come at the cost of productivity. Our clients come to us because they are tired of compromising.”

Rom Carmel

CEO & Co-Founder at Apono

“Permissions get in the way of employees’ ability to fix bugs, support customers or develop new features. Yet organizations are required to be secure and compliant, the tradeoff is clear, Apono changes the market paradigm and provide DevOps with the tools they need to provide frictionless access”

Ofir Stein

CTO & Co-Founder at apono

Sales Apono

Backed by VCs, security founders,
and industry experts

“Apono is solving a real industry pain point that I can personally relate to from my experience and they do it elegantly and simply."

Oren Mor Director

Product Group Lead at Meta

“Ofir and Rom identified a pain point that many companies are struggling with today. With their unique solution, it's not long before every company will be using Apono to manage permissions and access to their cloud assets and data repositories."

Liron Azrielant

Managing Partner at Meron Capital

“We are witnessing very challenging times when it comes to protecting assets in organizations from cyber attacks. We've seen companies struggle with securely managing privileges and identity governance especially as they mature. Apono brings an innovative solution to an ever-growing challenge that companies are facing today.“

Gilad Zinger

Investment Director & Cybersecurity SME at YYM Ventures

“As a founder of two security companies, I can tell you that Apono is touching on a problem that almost every company is facing today. Their solution to securely manage access and permission is something any DevOps can easily start using to make his company more secure and compliant"

Shlomi Boutnaru

Former Chief Technologist at Paypal