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Developer-on-Duty On-Demand Access With PagerDuty & Apono

Apono’s integration with PagerDuty enables the creation of access policies that are synced with PagerDuty on-call groups, validating that the requester is on-call, and allocating the minimum amount of resources needed to resolve the incident

Easily create declarative access flows that gain contextual authorization information from PagerDuty

Automatically revoke standing privileges, reduce risk to pre-incident status.

01. Request & Approve via ChatOps

Leverage the power of ChatOps workflows, seamlessly integrating platforms such as Slack and Teams, to both grant and request access in a collaborative and streamlined manner. This innovative approach enhances the accessibility and efficiency of access management within your organizational framework. By incorporating ChatOps, you create an environment where access permissions can be granted or requested through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, such as chat interfaces in Slack or Teams.

02. Decreased Insider Threats

The implementation of just-in-time privilege escalation serves to mitigate internal threats by ensuring that personnel are granted access to sensitive information or specific operational capabilities only when essential. This precautionary measure helps prevent unauthorized or unintentional data access.

03. Restricted Third-Party Access

Facilitate time-based access for third parties, be they customers or vendors, by granting specific permissions to designated buckets, databases, or instances. This enhanced security measure incorporates Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) verification, ensuring that third parties authenticate their identity through multiple factors before gaining access.

04. Break-Glass Scenarios

Equip first-responders with the capability to access permissions on demand, while concurrently capturing essential incident context, details of granted access, and the chronological timeline of events.

DevOnDuty Break-Glass Access

The contextual data given by Apono’s PagerDuty Integration, in conjunction with IDP and Chatops integrations allows the creation of contextual automated access flows.



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grant access for

4 Hours



Automate Access To PagerDuty

Review Access

View a detailed access audit of who was granted access to which instances with what permission level and why.