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Apono liberates DevOps teams to deliver more without delay.

Apono automates access management to Microsoft Azure

With Apono, companies satisfy customer security requirements and dramatically reduce attack surfaces and human errors that threaten commerce.

01. Automated Approval Workflows

Create approval workflows to specific sensitive Microsoft Azure services and specific resources.

02. Granular Permissions

Define which type of data and resources can be requested by which users/groups or other dynamic context (i.e. on call shift).

03. Restrict Access To Task/Time

Make sure engineers, support, SREs or other employees receive the permissions they need only while automatically revoked maintaining a Least Standing Privilege Environment at any time (especially when it comes to production).

04. Self-Service Access

Empower your developers to gain self-servable access to Microsoft Azure services, buckets, instances and more using Slack, Teams, or the CLI.

Database access from Slack

05. Restricted Third-Party Access

Grant third-party (customer or vendor) time-based access to specific buckets, databases or instances with MFA verification.

Create access flows tailored to your organization’s specific dynamic permission needs.

Empower your developers to gain self-serviceable access to instances using Microsoft Azure.



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