Just In Time (JIT)
Database Access

Automate database access management

  • Fine-grained, dynamic access workflows to DBs and data endpoints
  • Protect PII and satisfy GDPR, PCI DSS, SOC 2, HIIPA and more
  • Control and separate access to customer data
  • Prevent CRUD actions on your production databases
  • Automate access management to data repos

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Just In Time Database Access

Automate database provisioning

Save 10 hours a week

Empower your developers

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Centrally control access

Unified permissions in 2 minutes

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Automate Access Management to Databases

Request/Approve permissions to databases directly from Slack, Teams or the CLI.
Sync with the Organizations source of truth for identities, like Okta, Azure AD, Onelogin, Google, Jumpcloud and more!
Automatically integrate with AWS SSO or IAM, Azure, Google IAM!



Protect PII and Meet Compliance Standards

  • Ensure PII protection: limit read, write, and admin permissions to PII databases
  • Multi-tenant? Enjoy out-of-the-box control for clusters, databases and collections
  • Automate audit logs and reporting: schedule and export access reports to SIEM and ITSM tools
  • Keep compliant with GDPR, SOC 2, HIIPA, PCI DSS, and more
Audit database access
Automate database access control

Control and Separate Access to Customer Data

  • Grant access to specific databases, collections and schemas with full audit, satisfying customer security requirements
  • Enforce customer approval on access requests to their data
  • Help close more deals by ensuring customers’ data is protected
  • 100% secure: Apono does not read your data or cache secrets

Prevent CRUD Actions on your Production Databases

  • Prevent downtime by enforcing least privilege on production databases
  • Database access control: manage who can edit, delete and create databases in any environment
  • Works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, RDS, Redshift, Redis, BigQuery, Snowflake and more
  • Separate production, development, playground, staging and other environments with Access Flows and Bundles
  • Make sure each team and developer can access only the databases they need
Integrate with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, RDS, Redis, and more
Break Glass - Automatically Approved Access Flows – Apono

Create Automated Granular Dynamic Access Workflows

  • Eliminate ticket fatigue and manual provisioning tasks with automated, dynamic Access Flows
  • Empower first-responders with on-demand permissions to the relevant database, logging incident context, access received and timeline
  • Separation of duties with separate Access Flows for BI, R&D, DevOps, Infra and Core teams
  • Use users’ groups, managers, shifts and more to set up completely dynamic policies
  • Local, cloud-based and multi-cloud: AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes databases are covered

Manager-approved Read, Write, Admin access to PostgreSQL or MySQL?
See it in action!

Access flow access to PostgreSQL

All Databases are Welcome

Self-Servable Permissions

Self Serve permissions to database or schemas directly from Slack, Teams, or from your CLI.

Automated Database Permissions Approval Workflows

Define access approval workflow to databases, based on defined organizational permission guardrails. With automated approvals in “break glass” or on-call cases.

Granular MySQL Database Access

Define database and schema permissions as fine-grained as necessary.

Comprehensive MySQL Audit Log 

Database access and permissions visibility and audit for incident investigation and scheduled reporting to satisfy compliance.

Database access from Slack