Streamline Access. Frictionless Security.

A Centralized Cloud Native Access
Management Tool

Securely manage permissions and adhere to compliance requirements, while allowing employees to benefit from a frictionless user experience.

Temporary elevated production access for developers using “Just-in-Time” & “Just Enough” access flows that enable automatic contextual permissions to cloud resources.

  • No access to data or secrets
  • 15 Minutes to deployment

Apono - Temporary elevated access for developers | Product Hunt    

“Before we had Apono, developers who needed access to fix something in production or look into a database, actually had to connect with the DevOps team to get permissions. It might take time because the team is busy. so in certain cases, they actually got more privileged than needed”

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Yaron Blachman

CTO & CISO @ OpenWeb

Simplifying Cloud Access

From Standing Privileges Discovery, The Access Insights You Need, To The Automation You Want

Discover Access

Gain full visibility over cloud access, service accounts and their permissions across all cloud resources and data repositories.

  • Automatically identify standing privileges
  • Map existing policies and out-of-policy users

Unified Access

Provision access to cloud assets and data
repositories from a single platform, creating
automated agile access workflows with Least
Privilege by design.

  • Just-In-Time & Just Enough access flows
  • On-call support groups
  • ChatOps approval workflow

Monitor Identities, Audit Access

Continuously monitor for standing privileges , ensuring Least Privilege as your cloud baseline state, reducing risk across the organization. Preserve the entire access timeline providing complete visibility over cloud access that will satisfy any regulatory compliance or customer security requirements.

  • 1:1 Identity Attribution
  • Just-In-Time & Just Enough Access Flows
  • Automatically Revoke Access Upon Access Duration Completion

Gain Control Over Cloud Access

Apono cloud-native access management solution gives you full access visibility across your entire cloud environment and enables you to provide access to any cloud resource or data repositories.