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“Before we had Apono, developers who needed access to fix something in production or look into a database, actually had to connect with the DevOps team to get permissions. It might take time because the team is busy. So, in certain cases, they actually got more privileges than needed.”

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Yaron Blachman

CTO & CISO @ OpenWeb

“We wanted the ability to control how users get access to data and who approves access. We also wanted access to be temporary and upon request. Apono keeps track of everything and reacts just in time to apply, restore or revoke credentials and permissions.”

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Nivi Mor

DevOps Engineer at BigPanda

“Inadequate identity, permissions, and access management are one of the main causes of security breaches today. I like solutions that are developer-friendly. Apono's solution to securely manage access and permissions is elegantly simple but also powerfully flexible.“

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Larry Maccherone

Former Sr. Director DevSecOps Transformation, Comcast

Turn Manual Permission Management Into
Automated Contextual Access Flows

Remove Permission

Turn manual permission management tasks to automated contextual Apono Access Flows.

Leave No
Permissions Behind

Take advantage of auto-expiring permissions.

Satisfy Customer

Grant access to specific namespaces or resources with a comprehensive audit log.

Prevent Human
Errors in Production

Tailor access duration and resources to the task at hand.

permissions for
your entire stack

Access Management Without
Managing Access

Kubernetes Dynamic Access Management

Gain Full Access Control &
Visibility Over Your Kubernetes Clusters.

Kubernetes Access Discovery – Apono K8s Access Automation
chatops Approval Workflow – Slack – Apono Access Automation

Self-Serve Permissions

On-demand, granular permissions to Kubernetes dbs, buckets, repos, namespaces, other resources directly from Slack, Teams or from your CLI.

Dynamic Context-Based Access Control

Apono Access Flows enable automated dynamic permissions based on organizational context and approval workflows.

  • On-Call Shifts
  • Break-Glass Scenarios
  • Customer Data Separation
  • Tag-Based Access
Customer restricted access – Apono Access Automation
Comprehensive Audit Log – Apono

Comprehensive Audit Log

See who has permissions to what, how, and why across the infrastructure and applications with automated reporting capabilities.

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Management Today