Apono Simplifies Cloud Access Management

Frictionless Cloud Access Management Becomes a Reality

“Before we had Apono, developers who needed access to fix something in production or look into a database, actually had to connect with the DevOps team to get permissions. It might take time because the team is busy. In certain cases, they actually got more privileges than needed.”

Yaron Blachman

CTO and CISO at OpenWeb

Streamline Compliance and Customer Requirements

With Apono, you don’t need to make organizational or architectural changes. You can easily and instantly satisfy your regulators’ and customers’ security requirements.

  • Make passing SOC2 and other access control regulations a breeze with fewer than 15 minutes to deployment.
  • Convert access policies into “Just-In-Time” & “Just-Enough” access flows, ensuring no data is at risk due to standing privileges.
Hero image – Apono Access automation

Minimize Risk by Removing
Over Privileges

Apono monitors access to cloud assets and data repositories and suggests automated JIT access flows that minimize privileged access without hurting your users’ productivity and experience.

  • Reduce breached identities attack surface through dynamic access policies with zero standing privileges by design.
  • Reduce the risk of human error by providing “Right IAM” granular access provisioning.

Reduce MTTR By Removing Permission Bottlenecks

Configure “break glass” and “on-call” access flows to resolve incidents in production faster while providing granular access to required resources.

  • ChatOps approval workflows
  • Policy-based auto approvals
chatops Approval Workflow – Slack – Apono Access Automation

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