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F2F Meet-Ups

F2F Meetups to deepen your knowledge
and to connect with fellow DevOps Leaders

The first Meet-up at Apono!

We got to know each other and spoke about the mutual goals for the community.

Meetup at Monday

David Virtser, Head of Infrastructure at Monday, shared about the Sphera project – an internal development as a back office for developers at Monday. David also shared his vision for how he sees developer self-service in Monday’s culture.

Meet-Up at Tomorrow.io

Moshe Belostotsky, Director of DevOps at Tomorrow, spoke about different cultures and organizational structures in the world of DevOps. We continued with Wix’s view on DevOps, shared by Adam Spektor, VP of Infrastructure at Wix.

Meet-Up at Skai

Hosted by Danny Zalkind & Miki Manor at Skai, on the topic of “Cloudy with a chance of rain” – A cloud cost failure story and more importantly, the lessons learned & how they formed Skai’s FinOps concepts.

Meet-Up at Guardio

Hosted at Guardio to hear from Nick Kaplan, the DevOps Lead, about DevEx processes and implementation.

It was a special day because we also celebrated the #1st birthday of the community!


Hear From Members

Sarit Zeidman

Head of DevOps at Toluna Corporate

"I absolutely love the DevOps leaders community because it brings together experienced team leaders who understand the challenges I face every day. It's a supportive and understanding network where I never feel alone. I appreciate their continuous willingness to help and share fascinating ideas that have greatly enriched my own approach to DevOps leadership."

Ariel Nackash

Head of DevOps at Panoramic Power

“The community is about connecting with and seeking advice from other DevOps managers who face similar challenges as I do. It’s is like stack overflow for managers. Members share suggestions for tools and emerging technologies, and the feedback I receive can often save me time by avoiding the need for extensive testing.”

Eliran Wolf

DevOps Lead at Dcode Consulting

"DevOps Leaders IL gives me immense value and opportunities, as well as knowledge-sharing with the best people in the industry. The level of expertise and unique experience that is held by the members is invaluable and can't be found anywhere else. There is also room for taking initiative and creating together - like the new DevOps Leaders IL podcast that we are putting together!"

Moshe Belostotsky

Director of DevOps at Tomorrow.io

“A wonderful place for sharing and receiving feedback. I can openly share my challenges and uncertainties with professionals who experience similar circumstances.”

Nick Kaplan

DevOps Lead at Guardio

"It has expanded my knowledge through shared insights and best practices, while also providing an opportunity to expand my network and meet amazing people. Additionally, the community has exposed me to exciting volunteering opportunities, allowing me to contribute and grow in meaningful ways."

Adi Florentin

Head of Software Engineering, Architecture and Devops at Bezeq International

"We collaborate with each other through many face to face or zoom meetups, discussions and virtual coffee breaks. The Devops profession is constantly on the move, and during these activities we learn a lot from each other. We also are actively contributing to others with several volunteering activities of mentoring and technological education. These activities give back and make us proud."

Danny Zalkind

Director, Infrastructure Engineering at Skai

“I enjoy both the online forum and face-to-face meetings as great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in DevOps, as well as to connect and partner with top professionals in the field.”

Miki Manor

DevOps Team Lead at Skai

"This DevOps leaders IL community holds a special place for me mostly due to the abundance of knowledgeable DevOps managers who generously share their insights and their success/failure stories. Our regular gatherings provide invaluable opportunities to expand our knowledge and enable constant growth within our teams. Additionally, I greatly appreciate the community’s commitment to giving back by volunteering.

Community Volunteer Initiatives

DevOps Course in collaboration with Mamram Alumni Association + Simulation of technological interviews and Mentoring with Appleseeds

Community Volunteer initiative – Apono Access Automation
Community volunteer course with Mamram – Apono Access Automation
Community Volunteer initiative – Apono Access Automation

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Coffee Chat

Testing out ChatGPT for DevOps, lessons learned, and more.

Webinar on Dora Metrics

With Yishai Beeri, CTO LinearB, Bat-Hen Yosefov- Head of DevOps Codefresh, Rom Carmel, CEO Apono

Coffee Chat

We discussed a few topics like how to recruit Senior DevOps Engineers/Jr DevOps Engineers & service mesh solutions.

Virtual Meetup – Lecture by Ariel Nackash, Head of Devops, Panoramic Power

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