Temporary Access To MongoDB

Temporary Access to MongoDB – Apono Access Automation


MongoDB is a highly popular database commonly used for building Highly Available (HA) applications. Apono enables you to create Dynamic Access Flows that allow you to provision “Just–Enough” MongoDB access for “Just-in–Time” duration, assuring access is tailored to the task at hand, and revoking the access at the end of the access window, reducing the attack surface associated with standing privileges.

Enabling Access Control in MongoDB

Access Control is not enabled by default for the database MongoDB , enabling access control on a MongoDB deployment allows restricting users to specific actions and comply with the defined roles associated to their user-defined role. Learn How to Enable Access Control in MongoDB Here.

Using Apono To Provide Temporary Access to MongoDB

Your first step in create an Apono account, you can start your journey here.

Follow the steps at our MongoDB Integration Guide.

Now that Apono is set you can start creating Dynamic Access Flows:

  • Automatic Approval Access Flows – Using admin defined context and pre defined role to provide automatic access to MongoDB resources.

  • ChatOps Approval Access Flows – Using admin defined context and pre defined role to provide manual access to MongoDB resources.

Using Apono declarative access flow creator you will be able to simply define:

  • Approvers
    • User Group (round-robin)
    • Single User
    • Automatic – Contextual
  • Requesters
    • User Group
    • Single User
    • Resource
      • Single Resource
      • Pre-Defined Resource Group
      • Part of a resource
  • Duration
    • By Hours
    • By Days
    • Infinite

Example: MongoDB Automatic Approval Access Flow:

Example: MongoDB Manual Approval Workflow: