If you’re like the majority of modern tech professionals, you work with AWS, Azure, or GCP everyday. And working in the cloud everyday, you’ve most likely experienced first hand how frustrating and inefficient waiting for access can be. Plus, in break glass scenarios, it can even be dangerous and costly. 

Existing PAM (Privileged Access Management) solutions are meant to solve this issue by accelerating approval processes and making lives easier, but they’re not designed for the unique nature of modern-day, cloud-based privileged resources. They lack flexibility, granularity, and visibility.

Enter: Privileged Access Governance (PAG), created for the sole purpose of simplifying and automating access management for today’s organizations – complete with direct and native integrations, an elevated user experience, and a unified control plane. 

Like any new category of solutions, vetting PAG solutions for your organization can be a daunting and long process, which is why we’ve put together the ultimate Buyer’s Guide for PAG solutions for your convenience. In addition to a deep dive into PAM vs. PAG and why your organization needs to move to PAG today, we also provide you with 9 essential questions you should ask to every PAG solution you are considering.

If you’re wrestling with access, approvals, or permissions, you don’t want to miss out.