Dynamic, JIT Access for Developers

An emerging HealthTech company, was faced with evermore stringent regulations in their industry. Along with a newly remote engineering team, the company faced the prospect of reduced productivity.

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The Challenge:

The company had multiple problems they were looking to solve due to their industry’s regulations around patient data:

  1. Compliance concerns over standing privileges to their Amazon RDS and MySQL databases
  2. Delays in access to production environments after removing standing privileges
  3. Added manual work for the senior engineering team who were responsible for provisioning and de-provisioning access
  4. Constant audits and reports

The company needed a robust solution that would provide the following:


Zero Standing Privilege

The company needed to remove all standing privileges to their databases that held patient and customer data


Full Audit Trail

A solution that will document each step of the request/approve process including access justification, enabling full transparency of production database access whenever it is required.



A single solution that will manage permissions across all of the organization’s cloud databases and teams.

The Apono Solution:

Using Apono’s platform, the company was able to create custom roles for their MySQL database in AWS, unlocking the ability to configure granular access controls down to the table level. While AWS (RDS) IAM was good for their authentication, they needed a tool that could create more granular roles for their in-house and offshore engineering teams while streamlining the process to request and grant permissions.

Having each engineering team have access to only the production databases that they needed also meant they reduced the change of mistakes in production that could potentially expose patient data or slow down their teams.



Apono enabled the company's engineering teams to have access to strictly what was needed.


Full Audit Trail

Each action taken by the requester or approver and justification is recorded and can be viewed.



Centralized Management to all production databases improves engineer productivity.