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Just-in-Time Access for Google Workspace Groups

Apono works with Google Workspace to make your infrastructure easy to access, manage, and audit. Apono empowers you to craft dynamic Access Flows, providing on-demand permissions with meticulous granularity and comprehensive audit capabilities.

Apono automates access management to Google Workspace Groups

Apono's integration with Google Workspace allows the creation of access flows that sync with Google Workspace Users and Groups.

01. Frictionless Automation

Tailor your organizational workflows by introducing customized automation to systematically and seamlessly enhance identity processes. This strategic initiative aims to optimize the efficiency of discovering, managing, and securing user access within your system. Through the implementation of these tailored workflows, your organization can achieve a more refined and responsive approach to identity management, fostering precision and accuracy in handling user access.

02. Continuous Access Monitoring & Conversion to Auto-Revoked Policies

Employ advanced monitoring mechanisms to vigilantly track and manage instances of unused access and over-privileges within your organizational framework. Leverage cutting-edge “Just-in-Time” access controls, which grant permissions precisely when required, and complement this with “Just Enough” conversion suggestions that provide nuanced recommendations for optimizing access levels.

03. Ephemeral On-Demand Access

Ensure that access privileges are meticulously aligned with the specific requirements of each task by implementing a sophisticated system of granular ephemeral access. This strategic approach involves providing nuanced and temporary access permissions, precisely tailored to the unique demands of individual tasks. By adopting this level of granularity, you not only enhance the precision of access control but also optimize security measures within your operational landscape.

04. Restricted access to PII

Restrict access to PII and sensitive data synced with cloud resources and Google Workspace groups.

05. Limited Access to Data

Grant limited access to customer data or environment based on Google Workspace user, groups or other attributes.

06. Instant Access Workflows

Create On-Call and Break-Glass automated access workflows based on Google Workspace users in Pagerduty/Opsgenie/ViktorOps shifts.

07. Comprehensive Audit Log

Enhance Google Workspace access and permissions transparency, facilitating comprehensive auditing for incident investigation and the implementation of scheduled reporting mechanisms to meet compliance requirements effectively.


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DevGroup Access to Production

Empower your developers to gain self-serviceable access according to Google Workspace Groups.



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Review Access

View a detailed access audit of who was granted access to which instances with what permission level and why.