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Just-in-Time Access for Google Workspace Groups

With Apono you’ll be able to create dynamic Access Flows that grant on-demand permissions with high granularity and full audit.

Apono automates access management to Google Workspace Groups

Apono's integration with Google Workspace allows the creation of access flows that sync with Google Workspace Users and Groups.

01. Frictionless Automation

Customize workflows to automate and streamline identity processes to better discover, manage and secure your user’s access.

02. Continuous Access Monitoring & Conversion to Auto-Revoked Policies

Monitor unused access and over-privileges with “Just-in-Time”, “Just Enough” conversion suggestions.

03. Ephemeral On-Demand Access

Assure access is tailored to the task at hand with granular ephemeral access.

04. Restricted access to PII

Restrict access to PII and sensitive data synced with cloud resources and Google Workspace groups.

05. Limited Access to Data

Grant limited access to customer data or environment based on Google Workspace user, groups or other attributes.

06. Instant Access Workflows

Create On-Call and Break Glass automated access workflows based on  Google Workspace users in Pagerduty/Opsgenie/ViktorOps shifts.

07. Automated Permission Management

Automate database permissions management based on Google Workspace the users’ and groups’ authentication.

08. Granular-Level Provisioning

Manage permissions at a granular resource level based on Google Workspace users and groups.

09. Easy Access Requesting

Slack/Teams access request and approval workflows (i.e based on Google Workspace manager attribute) for RnD or support personnel.

Database access from Slack


Start automating access and permissions management in minutes. 

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DevGroup Access to Production

Empower your developers to gain self-serviceable access according to Google Workspace Groups.



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Automate Access To Google Workspace

Review Access

View a detailed access audit of who was granted access to which instances with what permission level and why.