Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP)
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Just-in-Time Access To Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP)

With Apono you’ll be able to create dynamic Access Flows that grant permissions with high granularity and full audit.

Apono automates access management to Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP)

01. Automate Kubernetes Permissions

Mitigate the challenges associated with ticket fatigue and enhance operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating automated access flows. Say goodbye to the manual provisioning grind as this innovative solution simplifies and accelerates the process, allowing for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

02. Customer Data Separation

Empower your organization by granting ownership to specific resources, while concurrently providing full audit capabilities that not only meet but surpass customer security requirements. Implementing this allows you to confidently navigate and fulfill stringent security mandates, fostering a culture of trust and diligence in resource management.

03. Time-Restricted Access

Rather than providing access for an indefinite duration, consider implementing a more strategic approach by opting for time-bound access provisioning. This nuanced strategy involves assigning access permissions for a specified and predetermined period, enhancing the control and security of your access management practices. By adopting time-bound access, your organization gains the flexibility to align permissions precisely with the temporal requirements of specific tasks or roles.


Start automating access and permissions management in minutes. 

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Identity-Aware Proxy Prod Automated Access

Empower your developers to gain self-serviceable access to instances using Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP).



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grant access for

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Automate Access To Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP)

Review Access

View a detailed access audit of who was granted access to which instances with what permission level and why.