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Developer-on-Duty On-Demand Access With OpsGenie & Apono

Apono’s integration with OpsGenie enables the creation of access policies that are synced with OpsGenie on-call groups, validating that the requester is on-call, and allocating the minimum amount of resources needed to resolve the incident

Easily create declarative access flows that gain contextual authorization information from PagerDuty

Automatically revokes standing privileges; reduces risk to pre-incident status.

01. Self-Service Access Requests

Amplify employee productivity through the implementation of an efficient system that empowers individuals to seamlessly discover, request, and obtain access to essential resources in a matter of minutes. This transformative approach not only expedites operational efficiency but also cultivates an environment characterized by heightened agility and responsiveness.

02. Incident Response Access Flows

Gain the advantage of instant and on-demand access to swiftly address and remediate any production errors that may arise. This expedited access empowers your team to promptly identify and rectify issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring the continuous, seamless operation of your production environment. By facilitating real-time access for remediation purposes, you enhance your organization’s agility and responsiveness, enabling efficient problem-solving and bolstering the overall reliability of your systems.

03. Single Source of Truth

Centralize and streamline the management of privileges across your entire technology stack by consolidating them within a unified platform. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also facilitates a more comprehensive and cohesive oversight of the various permissions and access levels throughout your system, contributing to a more robust and integrated security framework.

04. Request & Approve via ChatOps

Leverage the power of ChatOps workflows, seamlessly integrating platforms such as Slack and Teams, to both grant and request access in a collaborative and streamlined manner. This innovative approach enhances the accessibility and efficiency of access management within your organizational framework. By incorporating ChatOps, you create an environment where access permissions can be granted or requested through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, such as chat interfaces in Slack or Teams.

05. Just-In-Time Permissions

Empower your development team by implementing a sophisticated access management strategy that involves the judicious granting of temporary, just-in-time permissions tailored specifically to the task at hand. This approach ensures that developers receive the precise level of access required for their immediate objectives, promoting a fine-tuned and secure access control system within your organizational framework. By embracing this nuanced strategy, you not only enhance the agility and productivity of your development processes but also minimize the potential risks associated with granting prolonged or unnecessary access.

06. Break-Glass Scenarios

Equip first-responders with the capability to access permissions on demand, while concurrently capturing essential incident context, details of granted access, and the chronological timeline of events.

DoD Break-Glass Production Access – Customer Namespace

Empower your developers to gain self-serviceable access to instances using OpsGenie.



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grant access for

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Automate Access

Review Access

View a detailed access audit of who was granted access to which instances with what permission level and why.