Ephemeral Certificates / Ephemeral Access

Ephemeral certificates are short-lived access credentials that are valid for as long as they are required to authenticate and authorize privileged connections

Ephemeral Certificates / Ephemeral Access


  • What is ephemeral access?

    Ephemeral certificate-based authorization is a type of access which doesn’t require permanent access credentials, traditional SSH key management, or explicit revocation to access target systems. The Certificate Authority issues the ephemeral certificate for each session, which acts as a trusted third party.

  • What are ephemeral certificates?

    Ephemeral certificates are short-term access credentials valid for a specific term during which personnel can authenticate and authorize privileged connections.

  • What is ephemeral account?

    Ephemeral accounts are temporary short-term accounts actively used to perform an authorized task. These accounts are known as Activity tokens in Netwrix SbPAM, which are created with enough access to execute an administrative task.