Rho is an all-in-one finance platform that offers fully automated solutions for accounts payable, cards, expense management, and treasury.

The Challenge: Flexible just-in-time access done right

Rho operates in a market that is strongly regulated, and they were looking for a solution to help them meet access control requirements. They also needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing environments.

The Apono Solution: Customizable Just-in-Time Access

With Apono, Rho can now deploy temporary just-in-time access across all of their environments – while maintaining compliance with strict regulations.

Top-Tier User Experience

Apono is a DevOps-first solution that prioritizes an easy-to-use experience for the end users. Simplify sending access requests, managing approvals, and integrations with the most popular third-party vendors.

Empowering Developers and DevOps

Leverage Apono’s robust API for easy integrations to additional resources and connections to your existing tech stack. It works right out of the box, but also empowers you with next-level customizability and control.

Automated, Granular Just-in-Time Access

Access is tailored to the task at hand in both granularity and duration by issuing just-in-time permissions that can be revoked after a predefined period, or when a task has been completed.

Auditability & Accountability

Have a strict audit of who accessed what, when, and why – all under one unified control plane. Maintain compliance with strict industry regulations at all times with continuous least privilege access to the production environment or sensitive data.

Privileged Access Governance