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Turn Manual Permission Management Into Automated Contextual Access Flows

With Apono you’ll be able to create dynamic Access Flows that grant on-demand permissions with high granularity and full audit.

Apono automates access management to Oracle Database

01. Customer Data Separation

Empower your organization by granting ownership to specific resources, while concurrently providing full audit capabilities that not only meet but surpass customer security requirements. Implementing this allows you to confidently navigate and fulfill stringent security mandates, fostering a culture of trust and diligence in resource management.

02. Continuous Access Monitoring & Conversion to Auto-Revoked Policies

Employ advanced monitoring mechanisms to vigilantly track and manage instances of unused access and over-privileges within your organizational framework. Leverage cutting-edge “Just-in-Time” access controls, which grant permissions precisely when required, and complement this with “Just Enough” conversion suggestions that provide nuanced recommendations for optimizing access levels.

03. Single Source of Truth

Centralize and streamline the management of privileges across your entire technology stack by consolidating them within a unified platform. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also facilitates a more comprehensive and cohesive oversight of the various permissions and access levels throughout your system, contributing to a more robust and integrated security framework.

04. Request & Approve via ChatOps

Leverage the power of ChatOps workflows, seamlessly integrating platforms such as Slack and Teams, to both grant and request access in a collaborative and streamlined manner. This innovative approach enhances the accessibility and efficiency of access management within your organizational framework. By incorporating ChatOps, you create an environment where access permissions can be granted or requested through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, such as chat interfaces in Slack or Teams.

05. Self-Service Database Permissions

Self-serve permissions to Oracle Database database directly from Slack, Teams or from your CLI.

06. Granular Database Access

Define and configure Oracle Database database and schema permissions with precision to align seamlessly with your system’s nuanced requirements. This granularity allows meticulous access control, tailoring permissions to specific attributes and functionalities. Customizing access parameters enhances Oracle Database security and creates an adaptable, scalable structure for evolving data management processes.

Dev Access to Prod OracleDB

Empower your developers to gain self-serviceable access to instances using Oracle Database.



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Automate Access To Oracle Database

Review Access

View a detailed access audit of who was granted access to which instances with what permission level and why.