What is the meaning of "Blast Radius"?

It is a measuring tool to determine the impact of the potential security event. If an outside agent gets into the cloud server, the damage that the intruder can cause to the internal system after the unauthorized access is the blast radius.

Blast Radius


  • What is the most effective security barrier to contain blast radius?

    Isolating your cloud accounts is the most effective way of limiting your blast radius. It would be best to create different accounts for important stakeholders, including developers, security teams, operations, and business units.

  • What is the purpose of blast radius?

    It measures the impact of the potential security event. The blast radius is the overall damage an intruder worm can create to the internal files after gaining system access.

  • How do I limit the cloud security blast radius of credential attacks?

    Here are some ways to limit the cloud security blast radius: Using multifactor authentication, logging, monitoring, and creating strict access controls.

  • What is blast radius in cloud?

    Blast radius in cloud security lets you pre-handle the damage that a particular issue can create. By implementing this concept in cloud technology deployment, you can limit the security challenges