What is IGA (Identity Governance Administration)?

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) enables security administrators to efficiently manage user identities and access across the enterprise. It improves their visibility into identities and access privileges and helps them implement the necessary controls to prevent inappropriate or risky access.

IGA (Identity Governance Administration)


  • What are the primary functions of an identity governance and administration solution?

    Identity Governance & Administration automates data collection, reporting, and access reviews, and ensures access to information is strictly controlled. IGA also enables companies to prove they are taking actions to meet compliance requirements and industry mandates.


    Just-in-time access permission management

  • What does an IGA solution do?

    With IGA solutions, security personnel can track and control user access for both on-premises and cloud-based systems, as part of the cloud governance efforts. They can secure users by ensuring that the right user accounts have the right access to the right systems and detect and prevent inappropriate access.

  • What is difference between IAM and IGA?

    IGA differs from IAM in that it allows organizations to not only define and enforce IAM policy, but also connect IAM functions to meet audit and compliance requirements.